Saturday 9 July 2011

STOP HS2 Information Shop at The Kenilworth Business Centre in Warwick Road

UPDATE 7 July 2011: Council allows HS2 rail line protesters free use of Kenilworth building for national headquarters (Coventry Telegraph)

Those people still looking for information on HS2 will be pleased to know The Kenilworth Business Centre has been used as a window display. This building has been vacant for many years.

If you know something about how it may be used again, please get in touch. I do know it was mentioned in plans to re-site Buildbase if Kenilworth Railway Station had been given the go ahead.

Joe Rukin STOP HS2 to wiKenilworth on New HS2 Headquaters (mp3)

  Joe Rukin STOP HS2 to wiKenilworth on New HS2 Headquaters by wiKenilworth
Joe Rukin explained, 'That's why this is a bit of a one-off situation. The building as stated was bought to relocate Buildbase into as part of the Kenilworth Station project. Because the Govt didn't come up with the funding for that, the Council are a bit stuck with a building they can't do anything with - they can't take a commercial tenant in case the do get the funding, so have agreed to let us have it rather than leave it empty. 
There will be a working party to clear up and accept donations of furnature this Saturday from 10.40 (9th July) and we are aiming at an official opening on the 16th. 

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  1. Received from Joe Rukin:

    Just to make it clear, the council hasn't put any money into this. 129-131 Warwick Rd, CV8 1HY was bought by the council as part of the project for a Kenilworth Station. There is another builders merchant on that site, so they bought this one to relocate them into last year. They then didn't get the money for the station project, so were stuck with a building they can do nothing with; it facilitates a long-term objective so they want to hold onto it for as long as they can and of course they could get the money they need tommorrow, so they can't put a commercial tennant in.

    We will be holding a working party from 10.40 on Saturday 9th to clear up the place and move the stuff around and aim for an official opening on Saturday 16th.


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