Thursday 21 July 2011

Should Someone in Warwickshire launch a Legal Challenge to save 16 libraries?

To save the closure of 16 libraries, Community Groups have until 19 August 2011 to firm up their business case. Following that, a further report from WCC will hit the cabinet table in October 2011. So what other choices are there - should someone in Warwickshire launch a legal challenge?

Public Library News have produced a page called Legal Action. For those people who have no idea of why closing a library may be illegal, it's an excellent resource to get you started.

From PLNCurrent situation - Legal challenges are being prepared/under way in Brent (1),  Cambridgeshire, Camden Gloucestershire,Isle of Wight and Somerset.  One was under way in Suffolk but the council has now performed a u-turn.  In addition, a judical review had been called about the Culture Secretary's failure to comply with his legal duties at a national level but this has been dropped due to DCMS assurances
For anyone in Warwickshire thinking of starting a legal challenge to stop the closure of the 16 local libraries, I understand Voices for the Library and Public Library News will provide some very helpful advice. 

And as for the image above you'll notice there's no book on finance or accounts. But, plenty on Philosophy, Thinking and the Law. Warwickshire Libraries have made it very clear that their goal is to save money and until someone steps up with a class action to save all 16 libraries, Warwickshire are paddling their way to closure - Unchallenged.

Note: Let me make it very clear, I am taking nothing away from the dedicated and hard work that every Community Group is putting in to save their local library. My point is simply that they should not have to.

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