Friday 6 April 2012

How to learn Google Plus by Al Jazeera

This is the best ever description of Google Plus I have ever seen. I share it here, not to for the content (although it's fantastic), but for the fact that +Al Jazeera English are fantastic at what they do.

I need to find the Social Media folks behind this video and get them in touch with +The Guardian+BBC News +Sky News +ITV News and anyone else I can find as they can learn very fast if they just look and listen .. h/t +Justin Hill .. It was back on 30 Nov 2011, that I said ..

It seems that +Al Jazeera English actually know how to use their page. For the others, learn from them and use two or three short paragraphs of text, then two or three links follow by a YouTube video. Great Work .. 

Al Jazeera say, If you have friends or family who are still trying to figure out the platform, pass the video on to them.

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