Thursday 5 April 2012

The Three Amigos Photo Show Mike Shaw Alan Shapiro Mihailo Radicevic

Totally Unedited to Watch Again .. An Epic Hangout from +Mike Shaw +Alan Shapiro and+Mihailo Radičević .. Hilarious fun ..

Mike, Alan and Mihailo are three photographers with over a million followers each at Google Plus. They are three people who met on g+ last summer. This is the first time they have hungout in public, LIVE and On Air. This is what happened. 

In the original post, the show generated 156 comments, 19 people attended. Look out for Vivienne Gucwa (also 1 million +) and Natalie Villalobos, Google Community Manager. There were five verified g+ users in this hangout, it's already being labelled as the best there has been. See for yourself.

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