Tuesday 13 September 2011

g+ Sarah Hill Hangout from the Office

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My comment on Sarah's original post..

From my viewpoint (on my laptop), I had streaming live cast on one screen, live YouTube and a G+ browser open. It totally blew me away as a learning curve. To feel an intricate part of the show and feel so included in the show's production. And that was just as a viewer.

Then the backstage in Sarah's office was sublime with coworker's, bosses and people dropping by. Have I just witnessed a real News room or a fictional drama set in a news room? News is the story and so are the real people who produce it. For example, the smiles on +Jen Reeves face to name but one.

And thanks for the hangout and straight talking with +Angie Bailey too.
Sarah Hill's profile photoSarah Hill originally shared this post:
Wow...what an incredible experience with U_News tonight! Google Plus Hangout guests from around the world co-hosted our newscast. A guest from France gave his account of the blast at the nuclear plant. A guest from Italy shared how G+ Hangout is enabling him to get news....and a guest from New York shared the mood in his city the day after the 9/11 anniversary. The Hangout technology worked beautifully and we even had viewers questioning whether the people on the news were "really from France, Italy and Canada". We will get video of today's U_News show posted shortly. Thanks to our co-hosts for being part of broadcast history! A new set of co-hosts will join us tomorrow. In all....we'll have about 50 different Hangout guests each week. 100 if +Dave Schmidt 's Hangout is full. Want to be part of this conversation? Join some of our recorded public Hangouts about 2:00 pm Monday-Friday and let us get to know U. You can also hang with +Angie Bailey during the 5pm CST news. +Michael Mozart +Kempton Lam +pio dal cin +Jen Reeves +Chad LaFarge +Aaron Fuhrman +Joseph Puglisi +Kim Beasley +Laurent Jean Philippe Ravalec

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Lance Norris  -  It was definitely something new and different. Newscasts, by their very nature, are one-sided, consumption-only affairs. Seeing the real-time, back and forth interaction between +Sarah Hill and the other Hangout members was much more refreshing. It will be interesting to see how this evolves.
Sep 13, 2011   
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Mike Downes  -  +Lance Norris If you can get to one of the earlier hangouts with Sarah or Angie, then maybe you can get to know them and see what happens if you want to hangout yourself.
Sep 13, 2011   
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Lance Norris  -  +Mike Downes, thanks, I may do that. More interesting though is the potential for a new type of production. Today we saw a group of interesting Hangout members that the news crew was comfortable with in a live setting. Assume that they come up with a "delay" button to filter out audio and visual transgressions...now you can safely put just about anyone in a Hangout. So, make the hangout members newsworthy in some sense...maybe some are victims of a flood that the station in reporting on. Others might be public officials in the affected areas. With the newscaster as a facilitator and moderator who uses the Twitter, Facebook and YouTube posts as conversation points, the Hangout becomes a totally interactive news event in its own right. A sort of web-based talk show. No television necessary. That's what I meant by saying I want to see how this evolves.
Sep 13, 2011    

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