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g+ Skype Mobile Hangout

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details just emerging of using iphone/skype combo to stream a hangout on 3g... read on
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How to do a hangout using your mobile phone.
Man in the middle hack by +Adam Guerbuez

For now...

Here is the hack in semi tech babble for those of you that do not need detailed instructions.

On your home pc, run two camera emulation programs like manycam, fake webcam, webcam simulator or any other virtual webcam software.

open a skype account on your pc
open a different skype account on your mobile phone (iphone is what we are using)
then in webcam source on your skype running on your pc, choose one of the vitual cam programs
In hangouts settings choose the other virtual cam software as it's source.
Set the screen area to transmit the full size image of the person talking live on the hangout window.
Set the screen area to transmit the videochat window open on skype running on your pc, in the other virtual cam software you are running.

Now, for audio to go both ways, we are currently just letting the skype use the pc's mic to pick up whats coming out of the speakers on the pc (ppl talking in the hangout)

Now to start the hangout or join the hangout from your mobile,
we use Itap RDC for the pc or use VNC on the mac
Or use Teamviewer it is free for both pc and mobiles.
Remote into your computer from the remote managment software, (rdc, teamviewer)
then just join or start the hangout
then minimize the remote connection software in your mobile
and bring skype video call back up

Now enjoy a truly mobile hangout experience.

None of this would have been possible if it were not for the dedicated beta testing of the method by +Christopher Lira and +Brett Bjornsen to iron out the kinks.

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