Thursday 22 September 2011

Google Plus is Open to All - And what it means to you

Since the start of July 2011, has come second place to Google Plus. There were many tweets that left behind the local news and dealt with a massive change in media.

These changes have been not only an opportunity to learn a new network like Google+, but to widen the net from Warwickshire to the rest of the Globe. With that opportunity has come the Google Hangout which will allow the news to be reported in a new way.

This has given me the opportunity to be a regular co-host on KOMU-TV in Missouri with U News@4 on the Cyber Couch.

And today sees another piece in the puzzle where I have offered my help to those who are new to Google Plus. My post read: Plus Release If anyone sees me around the building and needs help - I'm wearing this badge. I don't claim know all the answers, but I bet I know someone who will. [ If you know me and want to join in, let me know.. ] So, sign up and meet me in person in a hangout. +Mike Downes

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