Saturday 8 October 2011

g+ BBC Share Buttons

 -  Oct 8, 2011  -  Public
And then there is no +1 at the BBC either. From my memory, I've never seen a Google Map embedded in the site.. Is there really a credible reason? I've heard informally that cookies are the issue.

If you look at The it's full of great Google stuff (like the data blog).

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Colin Hill  -  Doesn't mean they need to have a Google blackout in their coverage. They don't do the same thing for other social networking, do they?
Oct 8, 2011   
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Lord Miles Parker  -  +Mike Downes when you see a news report they always use Bing Maps.... as you say not Google... I think it's a corporate thing and they are probably tied in with MS
Oct 8, 2011 (edited)   
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Gary Howard  -  As a government funded organisation that is illegal, is it not?
Oct 8, 2011    

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