Friday 7 October 2011

g+ Prime Minister

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If you were the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom with a population of sixty odd million - how many g+ followers would you expect to have? The accounts were publicly launched on 15 September 2011 (five days before g+ went mainstream) and these are the followers 22 days later:

+David Cameron 3,602
+Nick Clegg 2,107
+Ed Miliband 2,829
and +Mike Downes 2,414

OK that's me at the end there and I'm not a leader or deputy leader of anything... Here's the deal, how about I hook you up with the brilliant +Sarah Hill (35,530), and we set a date to hangout.. First one of you to plus me back ..
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tony brookes  -  Regarding the 3 names you mention Mike. Having an account would involve some kind of accountability one would assume. Would any of them personally be involved?
Oct 7, 2011   
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Mike Downes  -  +tony brookes My theory, if any of those three are not aware of their accounts, we will know sure enough. If they are, then one will make a move. There are some very good vibes from g+ with all the high profile accounts having real people like +Michael Dell who hangs out all the time.

The issue is the slow uptake of people in the UK to fire up g+ and use it. That is slowly changing.
Oct 7, 2011   
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Oct 7, 2011   
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Ian McCully  -  imho they just want to see what he posted and what he is going to do with this country as for nick clegg , he is just david cameron's puppet imho thanks ian
Oct 8, 2011    

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