Sunday 23 October 2011

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Online Movie Rentals Has anyone used this service yet from YouTube? And if so, will it see the end of our friendly neighbourhood DVD rental shop?

For the record, I've used LoveFilm and cancelled it a few days in as found the website clunky, ill loading and that was before I even sat through a poor quality film. The BBC iPlayer is great, but rarely gives any mainstream movies.
YouTube has launched its own movie rental service featuring over a thousand feature films for users in the UK. Among the blockbuster titles featured are British classics like Monty Python’s The Meanin...
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M Monica  -  I'm interested. I have not used it yet though.
Oct 23, 2011   
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Philip John  -  Whenever I try to get to the Android app I'm told its not there! I see news about it but Google won't let me see it! Frustrating...
Oct 23, 2011   
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Oct 24, 2011   
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Oct 24, 2011   
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Myko Clelland  -  I can't find any reference to the quality of the videos anywhere - anyone able to help me out?
Oct 25, 2011   
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jane cerva  -  Um, you still have a friendly neighborhood DVD rental shop?
Oct 25, 2011   
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tony brookes  -  I find Blockbuster sending me DVD's each month to be a good deal. The stores are fine but you have far more scope to find the films you need at the online site. I had Lovefilm before but the choice and after-sales are best forgotten
Oct 25, 2011    

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  1. Most of my time am spending in Youtube. by watching most humorous videos.


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