Sunday 23 October 2011

g+ Skate Park

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On a local level, Kenilworth has a Skate Park with new flood lights. What's inspiring - it was all made possible by the young people to organise, promote and liaise with the local authority - Well Done. – Light are now fitted and for £1 and hour everyone can skate until 9.30pm

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Jim Marsh  -  Good on those kids. Could we borrow a few for Kiddermister?
Oct 23, 2011   
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Gary Tivey  -  We have a skateboard park close-by . Seems to be a good spot for the younger crowd to hang out, and share some healthy activities. They are also into photography and multimedia which also helps their creativity. 'Skateboarding is not a Crime'
Thanks +Mike Downes
Oct 23, 2011 (edited)    

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