Saturday 8 October 2011

g+ BBC World Service

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This is the only real article I can find where the BBC have mentioned Google Hangouts. Let me tell you the date: 5 August 2011, since then we had which was on the 20 Sep 2011 and that was only as g+ went Open to All.

Note: For he record: I'm a big BBC fan and they have supported me, but I want to do my bit and helping them see they need to change, and fast, is the first step..
This may entirely change the way WHYS carryout its show. It will give unprecedented access to contributors, fans and listeners. I am joining the hangout right away! ... so...
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tony brookes  -  There are some news outlets with people here so the BBC should at least see what is on offer for them and their audience
Oct 8, 2011    

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