Thursday 6 October 2011

g+ Occupy Wall Street

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Happening Now..
Michael Mozart's profile photoMichael Mozart originally shared this post:
I'm still at Occupy Wall Street, The police just arrested someone about 50 feet away from me but I couldn't get close enough to see. The police have put up huge metal barricades around the Park Perimeter and just finished basically closing off the park.

People can still come and go but it's very limited. Helicopters are literally circling and were are hearing a lot of Sirens right now.

The Internet service through the 4G Portable Hotspot has stopped working. The generators are out of gas for power to recharge the computers. The electricity to the park was shut off the first day. The feeling is getting quite tense here. The people and reporters are fearing some eminent police action. Lots of new police vehicles are arriving. I'm seated in the Media Center Right now.

Probably should go while I still can. My IPhone is working but the signal is weak for the Internet.

People are really clearing out of the park at the moment. Lots of fear. Something is up for certain!

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