Monday 23 May 2011

Coventry Bloggers, we want to hear from you - let us know you're there

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A few months ago, I thought I would have a search for some hyperlocal blogs in Coventry. Here I am...a few months later and I have no list at all. I'm going to say I've been terrible at looking as I know there must be some really fantastic Blogs - Made in Coventry

To qualify, all you need to be doing is writing about your local area. For example, I write about Kenilworth (and Warwickshire). Dan Essex in Barnacle writes about the Shilton Parish (just off the M69). 

Coventry can be divided into many areas (in a number of ways). West Midlands Police have: Binley and Willenhall, Woodlands, Whoberley, Sherbourne, Radford, Holbrook, Bablake, Wyken, Upper Stoke, Lower Stoke, Longford, Henley, Foleshill, St Michael's, Westwood, Wainbody, Earlsdon and Cheylsmore.

In South Coventry, Inspector Alastair Orencas has a blog called South Coventry Police News and a bit more. There are many smaller areas in the South like: Tile Hill, Eastern Green, Finham and Canley. You don't need me to tell you all that - because you live there. There must be some really good Neighbourhood Watch websites around. If you run one - get in touch and we can mention you at the #CovCam Meet and Tweet on Wed 25 May at 7pm.

And before I go, I've not forgotten about Whitley, Hillfields, Holyhead Road, Coundon, Whitmore Park, Bell Green, Coombe Fields,  Keresley or Potter Greens. And yes, I have read some of those from the map as I am off to search Google for the local sites I cannot find. But please help and tell us all about your hard work spent on a laptop creating something really brilliant to support your Community...

UPDATE: News, Views and Reviews of Earlsdon now added.


  1. Thanks for the credit Mike!

    I agree with you though - there seems far too few bloggers out there in the Coventry and Warwickshire area. I suppose I could be cheeky and ask you if you'd consider turning you site over to listing a fledgling directory of hyperlocal sites??!

    One I've come across recently is near to my patch and is

  2. I will happily open up a few pages on any blogger in Warwickshire or Coventry who has a site about their local area. Some current thinking may say a hyperlocal can be about a topic rather than an area.

    So, we have as well


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