Tuesday 10 May 2011

Slip Sliding Away - The Kenilworth Town Website - does it have a future?

Home Page of Kenilworthweb.co.uk
Everyone has been telling me something is just about to happen - they've be saying that for over a year now. First there was the promise of great things for The Official Kenilworth Town Website (16 April 2010). 

Now look what's happened...nothing. Read down the page page and we have Latest News and Events - six months out of date. Although, it's a standing joke around town - I'm note here to list how the 270 indexed pages are failing the town and it's people - but clearly they are.

I'm here to say it can get better and get better quickly. In this digital world, it takes minutes to keep this website up to date, not every six weeks and pass the buck. For the record, the www.kenilworthweb.co.uk is ranked by alexa.com at 2,352,524 and UK 107,065 where my site www.whatsinKenilworth.com is ranked 1,433,823 and UK 25,894. And yes, I know this is only one web traffic statistic, but does represent a like for like comparison. The town website was registered in January 2001, most people know whatsinKenilworth was opened in April 2010.

I have offered my help to the Kenilworth Town Council to help fix it. You all know where I am.
UPDATE (13 May): Seems the dates have changed on the front page of the site following this post..?

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  1. LOL Mike I think you and I are fighting the same battles but in different parts of Warwickshire


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