Friday 27 May 2011

Warwickshire Libraries confirm Workshop is FREE for everyone

From £33 to £24 to FREE
Thanks for your note regarding the price of the conference at Rugby Library on 2 June.  You are right to say that this will be free for all delegates.  I should emphasise that the conference was always going to be free for the majority of delegates; a fee was only going to be charged for community groups who sent additional attendees.
We have reconsidered the decision to charge as we have had a very positive response to the conference and wanted to ensure that as many people as possible who have already expressed an interest in running a community library could attend.  
It's a tiny point in a massive game - a point none the less.


  1. It's still a shame though that they continue to tout our jobs to volunteers.

  2. It's better than that -- they wanted people to pay to volunteer!

  3. If you can email me or leave more information about this, greatly appreciated. You do not need to leave your name, comments left here are received to my email (often anonymously) before I publish them. I have not heard about about this issue. Thanks


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