Monday 9 May 2011

The SMILE Conference 2011 from Chicago - watch it here on Livestream

UPDATE: DCC Gordon Scobbie keynote will be streamed live at 10.00pm UK time - tune in at ten

The Social Media in Law Enforcement Conference 2011 starts today in Chicago. Tune in from 3.25pm today (that's 9.25am in the USA). Not all sessions are Livestreamed, but this post will test the technology and share what's going on. DCC Gordon Scobbie is presenting today's Keynote address.

The Evolving Use of Social Media in UK Policing: From Zero to Hero? by Gordon Scobbie, Deputy Chief Constable, Tayside Police, Scotland. UK policing has been on a journey in terms of social media and the use of the web 2.0, from a standing start to widespread but uncoordinated use within policing.  DCC Scobbie will chart how the use of technology has challenged existing ways of working, both internally and externally, and how we might further exploit the use of technology as budgets and forces shrink in size and we need to think differently about how certain services can be delivered in the future.

And in case you are thinking, What has this got to do with Kenilworth and Warwickshire? The answer is everything. In my next post, you will hear from two senior Warwickshire Police Officers on launching the New Policing Model for Warwickshire that starts today.

Archived and ready to view:

Deputy Chief Gordon Scobbie @DCCTayside #SmileCon Chicago

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