Friday 26 August 2011

g+ Profile Photos 5 or 6?

 -  Aug 26, 2011  -  Public
So is it None, 5 or 6 profile photos in a theme? They must be the first impression of everything. I'm starting a collection of G+ users who have fused one photo into a continuous shot. Here we have +Kimberly Johnson with 5 and the larger photo on the left is not in that theme, but it could be. Wonder what it would look like with headshot as large, Google on timber increases, Kimberly's eyes follow her name.

Anyone seen or created some great profile photo themes, leave a comment...

2 shares  -  Fraser Smith and Loreen Liberty
Fraser Smith's profile photo
Aug 26, 2011   
Rob McDermott's profile photo
Rob McDermott  -  Just had an idea for one... I'll let you know if I make it.
Aug 26, 2011   
Mike Downes's profile photo
Mike Downes  -  I know many people are adding me in circles - many thanks for that. But why and how much has that got to do with those profile images? See this one from +shirley lo all images different, but what a positive vibe and this one from +Joltrast . with double headshots. Quick scan through some profiles see that many have not even upload the 5...
Aug 26, 2011   
Ugo Cei's profile photo
Ugo Cei  -  I used a view of Rio from Corcovado Mountain on mine.
Aug 26, 2011   
James Smell's profile photo
Aug 30, 2011   
shirley lo's profile photo
Aug 31, 2011    

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