Tuesday 23 August 2011

HTC Wildfire on Android on G+

 -  Aug 23, 2011  -  Public
+Scott Mills I agree that kids are getting there faster than adults (as usual). This photo was taken by my daughter while at a model village in Dorset, UK. HTC Wildfire on Android on G+ and shared to me (in family circle). Photo was in album of 8.

What is interesting, is the instant upload for android (not sure if it's included for the iPhone app). So, G+ app, take photos, uploaded immediately to private album online, no need for any more clicks than that.

I blogged somewhere recently how someone could, scale a fence, take a few shots, get chased, wrestled to the ground... questioned, phone confiscated..images deleted and all for nothing as the said images long gone to the cloud. Really fascinating times for on the move technology. +Stuart Hyde +Lauri Stevens +Richard Stanley +Gwent Police

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