Monday 8 August 2011

g+ Blogger Mobile

 -  Aug 8, 2011  -  Public
I use Blogger, seems from settings, mobile, you can now enable show mobile template, when you do, it looks like this. No idea if this feature is new or been around for ages.

There is also a QR code that is available (on settings screen), but no links to see how that can be used or saved. Just thought I would let people know this option is easy. Last time, I tried optimizing blogger for mobile, there were quite a few code additions - and none of them worked at all. Happy times.
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John Hood  -  +Mike Downes I'm delighted that Google is developing Blogger at pace and look forward to further Google+ integration (if the rumours are true)!
Aug 8, 2011   
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Aug 8, 2011    

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