Wednesday 12 January 2011

Jobs, Jobs and Jobs in Kenilworth

We cannot read the news without seeing story upon story about Job losses. It seems no job is safe and everyone is looking over their shoulder wondering what 2011 will bring. So what can we do about it for the people of Kenilworth?

As we know, Kenilworth has no job centre of it's own, so we have to go online at Jobs and search (This has issues for me as the website does not produce a feed to paste onto a site this, so it's old school searching - until I figure out a way to scrape the data). Next comes employers like Warwickshire CC where there are vacancies when redirected to WMJobsWarwick DC have a vacancy website too as well as The University of Warwick - Jobs. There are then employment websites like TotalJobs and JobsToday and of course a Google Kenilworth Jobs search. At time of writing, I believe Beef, Castle Butchers, The Clarendon Arms, The Cottage and Shell have vacancies.  Finally, there may be another way to boost your profile, see this article from The Guardian called The secret to starting a website: Been made redundant or struggling to find your first job? Market yourself by setting up your own Google-friendly website. More to come as this is an urgent theme for us all in 2011. NOTE: If you are a Kenilworth Business email wiK to close the loop and let the people of Kenilworth know about your vacancy.

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