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OpenlyLocal :: Making your area more transparent
If you are interested in making local government more transparent then is a site to visit. See the wiK page at OpenlyLocal or find out more from their About Us page (base of this post). There is a Warwickshire County Council page with the three Kenilworth Wards: Abbey, Park Hill and St John's. Did you know there were 10,331 dwellings (2001 census), 23,219 people (with an average age of 42) living in these three wards?

What is Openly Local?

Openly Local is a place to access data about the workings of your Local Council, without having to poke around through dense, difficult-to-navigate websites
Is that all?
Well, no useful though that would be, the key is to put that information into a structured form, so it can be reused by mash-ups, in data feeds (such as your calendar), or for comparative analysis
Why do this?
We wanted access to this data, and there was no way of getting it, so we scratched our own itch, so to speak.
How to I get this info on my site/hyperlocal blog?
If you're a programmer, check out our simple API. Otherwise we now have a Google gadget a Ning application and have plans for other widgets.
What does it mean when if there is an 'Experimental' notice over something on the site
We're constantly developing the site, and trying out new things. Sometimes, we're not sure about an approach or feature and want to try it out and get feedback on it. Anything marked Experimental may well change (or even disappear), and we'd definitely like to hear your views on it
Why is my local council not listed on here?
Probably it's because we haven't gotten around to it yet (but by all means email us at and we'll try to prioritize). Occasionally it's because the council website is very tricky to parse (i.e. the information is so badly arranged it's difficult to extract) -- even then it's not impossible, and again do contact us and we'll try to do it sooner rather than later
I'm from a local council but our data on the site is incorrect/out-of-date, how do I get it updated?
Most of the information about individual councils is taken from the council's own website, so please check it's correct on there. However, some info is found in other places (e.g. Chief Executives) and so do please email us at and we'll update it
I'm from a council and we don't want our data on here
Really? OK. First we ask you to think again. A working democracy require both transparency and the engagement of its citizens in the process, and that's what we're about. If you have specific concerns, please email
What are your politics?
Openly Local is not affiliated with, supporter of or linked in any way with any political organization

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