Tuesday 18 January 2011

Successful Kenilworth Youth Projects Under Threat


Since becoming established in its new home in Abbey End the Kenilworth Youth and Community Centre has, under the direction of its youth leader Andy Norman, become well known for the innovative ways in which it has engaged young people.

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Listen to Radio Abbey
For example two years ago Radio Abbey was established as a way that young people aged 14 – 19 could learn the numerous skills associated with preparing and broadcasting radio programmes whilst at the same time providing a service to other local teenagers via a broadband radio station. During the short period the radio station has been operating one of the station’s presenters has moved onto university and continued to present on the university radio station whilst another has secured work experience at a local commercial station.

More recently the Abbey Cinema has been established to reintroduce the Saturday cinema that many of the older generation will remember. In its six months of operation the cinema has built up to a point where audiences of 60 plus are a regular event.

Abbey Cinema 22 Jan
Both these projects along with other activities for the youth of Kenilworth are now under threat as proposals are before the County Council to withdraw all Youth Service funding over the course of the next three years with the implication that Youth services in Kenilworth would close along with all the others across the county.

Andy Norman Kenilworth’s Youth Leader said ‘We have worked very hard to overcome young people’s concerns that there is nothing for them to do in their spare time by putting on an ever increasing variety of activities. It would be a great shame if all this ended and the young people were forced back onto the streets to make their own entertainment’

The Management Committee of the Youth and Community centre are urging local residents to help preserve the services on offer to young people at the centre by signing the petition opposing the County Council proposals to cease funding the Youth service.  The petition is available on line and in the reception areas of all the Kenilworth Schools, the Youth and Community Centre and at various shops and businesses throughout the town.

For more information contact Andy Norman on 07920 071110 or 01926 855205 or e mail andynorman@warwickshire.gov.uk

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