Sunday 2 January 2011

Royal Mail Post Boxes in Kenilworth - do we trust them?

Post Boxes in Kenilworth - do you trust them?
This is the first article on a series about the Postal Service in Kenilworth.

Jack Dee said a few years ago (here it is is my own words): I hate it when people start complaining about the Royal Mail and how they posted a letter and it was late or never arrived. I think the Royal Mail do a wonderful job and it's absolutely amazing to think that for the price of a first class stamp you can send a letter to anywhere in the UK. What I would like to say to these people is - here's a letter and  28p - see how far you can get! When he said that, the price for a first class stamp was 28p (April 2004), 41p today and 46p from April 2011.

So, what would you do with your letter? Do we trust the postal service? And if we don't what are we going to do instead? There are 72 Post Boxes in the Kenilworth CV8 area (see the Map). As we know, the KWN ran a story six weeks ago (before the snow)  with an update last week (after the snow) with the Kenilworth post  described as appalling and a disgrace. Jeremy Wright toured the delivery office in Barrow Road offering his support. And in this Cameron age of We are all in this together, and Big Society let's see what choices we have and what others are doing.

View Post Boxes in Kenilworth CV8 - 72 Boxes in a full screen map

Many of us have email, but it's impossible to send a parcel down a phone line or over a wireless network. There are a few electronic solutions doing the rounds like the Swiss Post Box (not in the UK as yet) where mail is sent in the normal way, it gets scanned, you receive an email with a photo of the item and then decide if want to receive it (see the video below). I'm off to check out what Royal Mail say about those 53 post boxes.

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