Friday 21 January 2011

Kenilworth School Newsletter 21 January 2011

This week's Kenilworth school Newsletter is now available
The league tables were published last week and I am delighted to say that based on the GCSE results last year, Kenilworth School was the highest achieving comprehensive school in Warwickshire. As you may be aware, 78% of pupils received the benchmark five or more A* to C at GCSE, almost 20% above the county total. At A level, our students also performed well and we are listed as the third highest achieving state school based on average A level scores. I would like to take this opportunity once again to congratulate everyone and to encourage those who have exams in the near future and encourage them to believe in their ability.

You will recall that we sent out an evaluation to all parents last November and the results of our survey have now been collated. I would like to take this opportunity to feed back to you the broad outline of the responses of parents and in future newsletters, give some examples of how we will address any of our perceived areas of weakness, and build on the strengths that parents have identified.

Parents responded most positively to the following statements;
· I think the school is a safe place for my child to work (92%)
· Staff expect my child to work hard and do their best (90%)
· The arrangements for my child to settle in at school were good (89%)
· My child is not racially abused at school (89%)
· I think this is a good school and would recommend it to others (85%)
· My child likes school (84%)
· The school provides a good range of activities that are interesting and
enjoyable (83%)
Parents responded least positively to the following statements;
· The school asks my child their views about important things in school
· The school gives my child opportunities to make positive contributions
to the community outside of school (47%)
· The school takes account of the views of my child (43%)
· The school teaches my child how to manage their feelings appropriately
· The school actively encourages parents to be involved in its activities
· Staff explain how I can help my child at home (38%)
Compared with the results of last year’s survey, feedback from parents shows a
similar picture to last year. One clear area of significant strength this year,
compared with last, is that a larger number of parents have indicated that the
school is a safe place for their children. Taking the above into account, we will
continue to engage parents to support their son/daughter with study and involve
students more in school or in the community. Over the next few weeks, we will
look at using this feedback to help us to refine our school priorities.
Thank you for your continued support.
Yours sincerely
H.H.S Abbott

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