Friday 7 January 2011

Proposed Dog Control Orders - are they too severe?

You cannot go anywhere in Kenilworth with seeing a few dogs in the town and at least a dozen or so in the parks. So, what do we all make of the proposed Dog Control Orders from Warwick DC? The BBC reported this a few weeks ago:
Plans to restrict dogs in part of Warwickshire are too draconian and could permanently threaten the rights of pet owners, a group has warned (Kennel Club)
So, hands up those dog owners (or cat owners for that matter) who have read the Warwick DC proposals - yes I thought so, not that many. Never mind, here they are in full - we all have until Wed 26 Jan to make some objections or comments:

Dog Control Orders

Warwick District – Dog Control Orders

Warwick District Council has agreed in principle to introduce four Dog Control Orders under the provisions of the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005. The Orders would be effective from 1 March 2011 and require persons in control of dogs:

1.   The Fouling of Land by Dogs (Warwick District Council) Order 2011

To remove faeces deposited by their dog from any land to which the public have access in the Warwick District and which is open to the air (including land which is covered but open to the air on at least one side). Note: This Order will replace and extend the existing controls under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996.

2.   The Dogs on Leads (Warwick District Council) Order 2011

To keep a dog on a lead at all times in the following areas:
a) Jephson Gardens, Royal Leamington Spa
b) Mill Gardens, Royal Leamington Spa
c)  Newbold Comyn Golf Centre (18 Hole Golf Course, 9 Hole Pitch and Putt, and Golf Practice Ground), Royal Leamington Spa
d) Warwick Racecourse (main race circuit)
e) All other sport grounds, fields and pitches not subject to the Dogs Exclusion (Warwick District Council) Order 2011, when in use for authorised sporting facilities.

3.   The Dogs on Leads by Direction (Warwick District Council) Order 2011

To keep a dog on a lead when told to do so by an authorised officer on any land to which the public have access in the Warwick District and which is open to the air (including land which is covered but open to the air on at least one side).

4.   The Dogs Exclusion (Warwick District Council) Order 2011

To prohibit them from taking dogs into any of the following areas:
a)   All land within the Council’s administrative area comprising any fenced (and/or hedged and/or walled) children’s play area, paddling pool, bowling green, multi use game area, all-weather pitch, croquet lawn, tennis court, skateboard park, cycle enclosure or putting green, or any other fenced (and/or hedged and/or walled) park, sporting, recreational or educational (school) facility signed at its entrance(s) as a “dog exclusion zone” (whether the sign uses those particular words and/or symbols having like effect).
b)   Any other children’s play area which is clearly identified by the use of safety surfacing together with the surrounding area within ten metres of the safety surfacing (except for surfaced footpaths)
c)   Mid-Warwickshire (Oakley Wood) Crematorium
d)   Leamington Cemetery
e)   Milverton Cemetery
f)    Warwick Cemetery
g)   Kenilworth Cemetery
A draft copy of each order can be downloaded below:

Objections and Comments

Before making the Orders, the Council must carry out a public consultation exercise.
Objections or comments can be posted to Head of Environmental Services, Riverside House, Milverton Hill, Royal Leamington Spa CV32 5HZ or emailed to no later than Wednesday, 26 January 2011.


  1. Mark Young (Mogz and Dogz)16 Jan 2011, 20:23:00

    Having read through the proposed legislation I would make the following observation. Any resposible dog owner should be "picking up" after their pets when out on walks. As a "proffessional" pet care specialist it absolutely infuriates me to see "poop" that someone has failed to dispose of.
    Whilst legislation need to be in place I would much prefer to see enforcement of rather than the production of endless new rules to abide by. All responsible dog owners like myself would welcome the prosecution of those irresposible owners. Perhaps a few well publicised prosecutions would send a message ?

    As a parent, pet owner and golfer I read the proposed regulations with interest. I agree there are places pets should not go. Childrens play areas for example. However the council should go much further than rule making. I would like to see examples followed by adjoining councils like Solihull for example. Next time you have an hour to spare, take a trip up to Lavender Hall Lane, Balsall Common. There you will see a haven created for all members of the community. There is a fenced in play area, good parking facilities and dog poop bins situated next to litter bins all over the park. Football pitches etc
    I suppose the answer will be finance but Warwickshire council should follow this lead. Don't make new laws where they are not needed. Enforce the laws you already have, upgrade your facilities and make our parks nicer for everyone

  2. I've just spent an hour with my two young children in Jepherson Gardens. Not a single dog was on a lead and we had to dodge 3 piles of excrement left on the paths.

    There are signs, but DOGS CAN'T READ!! NOR CAN THEIR THICK OWNERS!!


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