Friday 18 February 2011

Kenilworth School Newsletter 18 February 2011

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This week we held a Business Breakfast event in school, with the theme of ‘Raising Achievement’. The aim was to bring our Trust partners and other business professionals together with staff and students to celebrate our successes, share strategies that have been used to raise achievement and to plan future projects together. Our students and staff spoke extremely well at the Business Breakfast and two students in the sixth form played accomplished solos. The presentations from our visitors were useful and informative and the breakfast, prepared by our catering students, reflected a high level of culinary skill. My thanks go to everybody involved in making the morning a real success.

Over the last two years, we have been working closely with the University of Warwick and Thomas Vale Construction and we are  rateful to the staff who have worked alongside our students in a range of projects, all of which have benefited them in their studies and broadened their horizons. The work with our Trust partners is clearly having an impact. Whilst our examination results have been very good in recent years, we are equally interested in developing well rounded and balanced individuals. I believe that working with Trust partners and business professionals is important in encouraging students to see the relevance of their education in the context of the work place and higher education. Students have recently benefited from having assemblies led by business professionals and this has been useful in helping students to make the right choices which will set them on the most appropriate pathways to their chosen career. One of the immediate benefits of this is that students can see the relevance of their studies to future employment, and are therefore more motivated to work hard and do well.

Most of our students wear our uniform well, however, a small number of students take advantage by wearing incorrect footwear and multicoloured coats/jackets. Once individual students start to infringe the uniform policy, even in a minor way, it very quickly has a ‘knockon’ effect with other pupils. I would like to remind students and parents that black jeans and very short skirts are not permitted in school. Consistency in standards of uniform is important and to maintain a high standard, individual students who are not in correct school uniform may be asked to return home to change or risk being isolated from lessons until they are in correct school wear. Insistence on correct uniform is a good preparation for job interviews, and professional appearance at work.
I would like to wish everyone a good half term break and hope that all students sitting public examinations in the next few months will be able to find an appropriate balance between rest and study during the course of next week.

The deadline for applications for Castle Sixth Form is the end of this week and we will be processing all applications early next half term. Thank you for your continued support.
Yours sincerely
H.H.S. Abbott

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