Friday 4 February 2011

Kenilworth School Newsletter 4 February 2011

From Mr Abbott:I hope that Year 9 students feel that they have been well supported this year through the options process. The returns should be in on Monday and these will be processed as soon as possible. If parents or pupils do not hear from the school, you can presume that you have been offered a place on your chosen courses for Year 10. In the next few weeks we are planning to have individual meetings with a small number of pupils whose option choices do not match and to those who we feel would benefit from further guidance from professionals.

As was mentioned at the Year 9 options evening, the new English Baccalaureate will be a factor that needs to be taken into consideration when making choices. For our current Year 9, it is not compulsory to study all five of the Baccalaureate subjects however, we would recommend that students consider continuing the study of History or Geography and a Modern Language so that it is possible to reach the Baccalaureate standard. We appreciate that some students have got strengths in other subjects, and choosing subjects for a Baccalaureate may seem restrictive and will not fully cater for their needs, so we will continue to provide a wide range of choice to cater for the diverse needs of our students. Whilst the  accalaureate is a factor to consider, we do not wish to undervalue the importance of other subjects as there will be some students who will need greater breadth than the Baccalaureate can offer.

Public speaking is one of the many strengths of our students and when we
have our open evenings and public events our visitors to the school are always
impressed when our pupils make presentations to large audiences. I am
pleased to say that two Year 9 teams entered a public speaking competition in
Warwickshire and came second and third out of a total of seven teams with
Bablake School coming first. Both Kenilworth teams will go forward to the next
round and will be speaking on “X Factor or X Rated” on Friday 4 th March. Our
students performed extremely well and we wish them all our support as they
perform in the next round.
As I reported in a previous newsletter, we are currently reviewing our catering
arrangements. It is clear from our pupil surveys that meals at Castle and at the
Lower School are more popular than at the Upper School. There are mixed
views from pupils about the price of catering and we are addressing concerns
about variety of lunches and the general service provided. Our canteens are
small in relation to the numbers of pupils on site and we have previously
allowed students to eat their lunches in the designated spaces outdoors and
even in the playground. However, for reasons of health and safety, we will no
longer permit students to eat hot food such as cooked pasta purchased from
the canteen outside of the designated seating areas in the canteen. As we are
a school that promotes health awareness, I would ask, that where possible,
students do not bring in crisps and sweets. Litter in school is worse after
breaktimes and this is largely due to crisp packets and fizzy drink bottles which
have been purchased outside of school and consumed on site.
Thank you for your continued support.
Yours sincerely
H.H.S Abbott

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