Tuesday 1 February 2011

Police v Pawnbroker - Kenilworth Weekly News (Johnston Press)

KWN 28 Jan 2011
There have been a string of news stories clashing with advertisements. Here is the latest one which has been sent to Roy Greenslade of The Guardian and posted within the hour. I will let him explain:

Here is one of those odd juxtapositions of editorial copy and an advert that unintentionally tells its own story. It's from the Kenilworth Weekly News in Warwickshire, which ran the story Police to sell off force headquarters in bid to save £23 million on the same page as an advert for a pawnbrokers. And look at that ad: headlined POLITE NOTICE (geddit?) next to a cheeky reproduction of a fake police shield, it goes on to ask if anyone would like to sell their medals. At least soon-to-be-redundant coppers now know where to pawn theirs. Hat tip: WhatsinKenilworth  (original posting from Greenslade Blog)  see: http://xetasblog.blogspot.com/

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