Wednesday 22 June 2011

Recycling On The Go in Kenilworth and Warwick District - it's those big black bins

WDC Recycling On The Go
New to Kenilworth and Warwick District are some big black bins which are all about Recycling On The Go. There are seven units in Kenilworth at: Abbey End, Talisman Square, Abbey Hill/Abbey Fields, Albion Street Shopping Precinct, Leyes Lane, Whitmoor Road and Oaks Road Precinct. Warwick District has 27 Units.

WDC explain, The new recycling units will have 5 sections; 2 for general litter and 3 for recycling and will be placed across Leamington, Kenilworth and Warwick in areas of high foot fall, including many school routes


  1. there is a short fall on the recycling side there is NO glass recycling secondly most of the said bins are not fixed down so most weekends dog walkers and friends of abbey fields have to upright the bins and clean up what as been thrown around by the lovely teenagers of kenilworth

  2. Thanks for this, WDC need to know, will pass on.


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