Tuesday 14 June 2011

Warwick District Council Meetings Today - here's how to find them and attend

Leamington Town Hall
Let's start with the WDC Calendar of Meetings, this page sets out the month and gives links to what's going on. Today, Tuesday 14 June 2011, there are two meetings.

Regulatory Committee at 2.30pm and Planning Committee at 6.00pm. Unless otherwise stated, all meetings are public held at Leamington Town Hall. There is a large balcony overlooking the Council Chamber.

Kenilworth Town Council Plans
What's happening today? Each meeting has a published agenda. The Regulatory Committee (2.30pm) has seven items, with the last being an Application for a Sex Establishment Licence - there is a further document explaining how Shades in Leamington have been operating for three years and wish to continue (document explains the conditions).

Planning Committee (6.00pm) has seventeen items today, there are 13 items which decisions may be made. These range from North Leamington School (Demolition of existing school buildings, and the construction of 53 new houses and 5 apartments with access road infrastructure and 'open space' facilities), six other Leamington applications, two in Warwick and three in Kenilworth.

The former Kenilworth Weekly News office in Warwick Road has an application to: Extend existing ground floor with new external stairs up to first floor accommodation, with change of use classification to open A1, A2 & A3 use (this means retail food use).

Last on the list is Kenilworth Police Station with: Change of Use from Police Station to multi function building, including accomodation for the following: - Ground floor for temporary use by Kenilworth Senior Citizens Club and first floor for Kenilworth Town Council Chamber and offices and MP Offices.

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