Monday 20 June 2011

The Warwickshire Police Twitter Project has now ended - Many Thanks for all those who took part

After a dozen lengthy posts, many emails and a few face to face meetings, the Warwickshire Police Twitter Project #WPTP has now ended (as of today). I would like to thank all those kind readers and those brilliant people (who I cannot name) who have tried their best to encourage Warwickshire Police to use Twitter. This is not a post to analyse the project's success or failures, rather just a statement to say, I will not be posting about Warwickshire Police and Twitter again.


  1. Personally I think that is sad news after all the hard work and enthusiasm.

  2. What more can I do? Maybe a petition, contact each and every one of the 1,000 officers and reason with them? Fortunately, there are Officers in West Midlands Police and Fire that are open to new ideas - it is so exciting working with them. Watch out for the Godiva Festival 2011 1-3 July where @kerryblakeman will be tweeting and hopefully live streaming video. Brilliant.


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