Friday 30 September 2011

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Plus Release Best video of the week - and I am none the wiser about where I live.. Austrian _ Triple Hat Tip_ to +Robert Redl

Robert Redl's profile photoRobert Redl originally shared this post:
Englang versus United Kingdom versus Great Britain versus Britihs Empire versus Commonwealth Realm versus British Overseas Territories versus Crown Dependencies versus British Isles versus Little Britain versus Kenilworth explained in 315 seconds. – See the poster version: My website: Full script...

1 share  -  Sean Aloysius Riley
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Robert Redl  -  I am honoured with ou ( next article in this series will be about "why U.S. English spellings drop the "u" in some words", and the hope that Sarah Hill will bring the U back to the US ;-) )
Sep 30, 2011   
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Kat Richtman  -  OMG I never knew it was that complicated. It really doesn't help how fast the guy is talking! :P
Sep 30, 2011   
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Sep 30, 2011   
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Colin Hill  -  I love this video, I always watch it.
Sep 30, 2011   
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Jens Graikowski  -  brilliant video ... i made it to 3:28 ... :D ... robert should be very happy with it ...
Sep 30, 2011   

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