Sunday 4 September 2011

g+ UK People

 -  Sep 4, 2011  -  Public
Here's that list of the top UK people on G+.. Can someone help it dance off the page for me. I've just read the first 10 pages, (250 profiles) and not many have jumped out of the browser, skipped a tab and made a new home in my circles..
See 103,781 individuals that you might want to check out and follow. Connect with people like Zee M Kane an Editor in United Kingdom with 35,353 followers. Or connect with Richi Jennings in United Kin...
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Brian Turner  -  I have no idea what I'd do with even 1,000 followers, much less the insane numbers generated by some people. Although I'd have no objection to finding out :)
Sep 4, 2011   
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Sep 4, 2011    

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