Monday 26 September 2011

g+ Mobile Test

 -  Sep 26, 2011  -  Public
Hangouts move to 3g.. thanks +Dan Weil
Dan Weil's profile photoDan Weil originally shared this post:
A test drive of a Mobile G+ Hangout from my IPhone 4. Here are the results in photos. Yes, I was able to take screen shot photos while Hanging Out with friends without any interruption. This is WAY COOL Google+ Peeps. U know who you are. Definitely give yourselves a pat on the back right now!

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Sep 26, 2011   
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Sep 26, 2011   
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Scott Moroney  -  So it seems the double entries of your name are the PC/Mac log in alongside the 3G log in? This will open up a world of broader usage.
Sep 26, 2011    

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