Thursday 22 September 2011

g+ First Generation User Help

 -  Sep 22, 2011  -  Public
Plus Release If anyone sees me around the building and needs help - I'm wearing this badge. I don't claim know all the answers, but I bet I know someone who will. [ If you know me and want to join in, let me know.. ]

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Sep 22, 2011   
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Sep 23, 2011   
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Don Inbody  -  Nice...I, too, am a 1st generation G+ user who loves to help others learn the intricacies of this fine tool. Hope to see you online and in a hangout.
Sep 23, 2011   
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Manuel Feliciano  -  hello, how can i get one of those since i am indeed a 1st Gen G+ user?
Sep 23, 2011   
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Sep 23, 2011    

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