Friday 16 September 2011

g+ Web History

Try this from Google login: Tools > Web History > Trends. I have performed 37,101 searches and my All Time trend data visualises as a pile of ice cooler blocks What does yours look like (if you are willing to share)?

More photos from Mike Downes


lennon li - add them all ?
Sep 16, 2011

James Lawson-Smith - Total Google searches: 35783
Sep 16, 2011

lennon li - Total Google searches: 15018
Sep 16, 2011

Robert Redl - Total Google searches: 49542 (since Feb 26, 2006)
Sep 16, 2011 (edited)

Mike Downes - +Robert Redl And Robert has a nose ahead at this stage...but many more to come.. WHAT is the 1-5am look like, anyone not getting enough sleep?
Sep 16, 2011

Robert Redl - To make it comparable I added the oldest date. (Scroll to the bottom and click Oldest)
Sep 16, 2011 (edited)

Robert Redl - And +Mike Downes it is not "nose ahead", it could also be that I "know less" than the others and therefore have to search more often ;-)
Sep 16, 2011

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