Tuesday 30 August 2011

g+ and how Hangouts are Changing Peter's Life

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This is what I am talking about...
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Google+ and how Hangouts are Changing my Life

Just over the last few days, not even weeks, I have become very active in Google+. If you're a frequenter of Google+ hangouts, you very well may have seen me. Whether it is chatting with my good friend +Brad Chasenore from Australia's Tech Webcast, or watching +Cliff Roth do an amazing job of painting other Hangout participants in a 30-second window, everything I have come across has been completely amazing.

Surely, there have been some things that are less than amazing, like that person that joins your hangout and has 13 children screaming in the background or their television blaring so loud it overpowers everyone's mic. So, of course, you mute that person and they immediately unmute themselves. Admit it, there are people like that in life that can't handle themselves in a cocktail party, so don't sweat it.

The point of this post it to declare that I absolutely LOVE everything I have discovered, the people I have met and the opportunities that have presented themselves since I have joined Google+.

Last night, for example, +Craig Shipp invited me to start doing a series of videos called "Springfield News at 6." Granted, these are not going to be an overnight YouTube sensation, but as more and more Google+ users pick up on our humor and realize how fun it is to "hangout" they will definitely catch on.

It was the courage I used in the hangouts with +Craig Shipp that led me to be invited to join +Michael Mozart in a LIVE YouTube stream that happened just tonight. At the end of the show, he allowed everyone to introduce themselves and I gave him my best Kasey Kasem impression I could. Why? Because I knew, at that time, at that moment, I had an opportunity to show him who I was.

Who is +Peter McDermott? Who are you? Well, Google+ is giving us all the opportunity to show who we really are. No pseudonyms, no masks to hide behind, just hundreds of thousands of people being themselves and connecting with others based solely on their common interests and the content on their character.

Thanks to Google+ and the Google+ hangouts, I am really starting to discover who +Peter McDermott is and where he wants to go in life. If that means challenging +Robert Scoble on his tone, or asking +Chris Pirillo why he doesn't do live hangouts on his YouTube show, I know now that there is a level platform where everyone is able to be heard, but only if you're willing to speak up.

What's your story? Do you think Google+ can change your life or your career? Have you connected with people you wouldn't dream of connecting with before? Share your thoughts in the comment field below. Please, feel free to share and repost on your blog. And when you get the opportunity, circle every influential person here.

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