Thursday 4 August 2011

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It seems in this stream/post there is no text formatting, but if if type bold it's not but star bold star it's bold like tis, no idea why. Wonder if a text formatting guide? Let's try 'speech' "speech" ...just testing
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Mike Downes  -  Just found this:

But you can edit your message with some popular text format by enclosing the text in some special characters. Here is in details:

1. Bold: If you want show any word(s) in bold text format, enclose the word(s) with . *bold

Example: Type This text will be shown bold in the share box. the out put will be in bold format: This text will be shown bold.

2. Italic: Enclose the text with _ (underscore) to show it in italic format.

Example: This is in italic text format will convert the enclosed text in italic format. The output ->> This is in italic text format.

3. Strike through: Enclose the text with – (dash) to strike through the text. strikethrough

Example: strike through will show it as Strike Through.
Here is the message written in Google plus share box.
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