Tuesday 23 August 2011

Picasa makes it so easy to upload, edit and share photos

One of the most rewarding tools Google offers is Picasa. For those who do not know, it's the photo tool that downloads in seconds, let's edit from a range of nine tools and apply a dozen photo effects.

This is my favourite photo editor. I have over 95 albums with over 50 available as public (mostly as my portfolio site: whatsinKenilworth).

Example edit by Picasa from wiK
Picasa links with many other Google tools seamlessly to create a professional look. I've used many expensive and often way too complicated photo editing software, and for me it's Picasa every time.

At infotelligentia, we can not only show off your photos, but have professional cameras to produce high quality photographs and videos. Note: Picasa can also create videos to share and upload to Picasa itself and also the more popular video sharing tool YouTube.

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