Tuesday 23 August 2011

The Power of a Google Account and where it can lead

Every project starts by unlocking all Google has to offer with a free Google Account. Often, this is a simple Gmail (Googlemail). 

From there, you can open up everything from Photos (Picasa), Videos (YouTube), Publishing and Blogs (Blogger), Word Processing and Spreadsheets (Docs).

And that's not forgetting the many Google tools we take for granted like Calendar, Maps, News, Shopping, Books and Translation.

For me, it's like stepping into a music shop where you can see all the instruments, you can hit some piano keys and strum some chords, but to play in harmony takes a bit more practice, some hard work and maybe some expert training.  

Here at infotelligentia, we can help you make sense of it all and create something worthwhile and individual original enough to know it's your voice and not just another one in the crowd.

Links: Google Account at Wikipedia and Open a Google Account

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