Tuesday 16 August 2011

Coventry Community 19 - New Project Launched Today

A new online project started today called Coventry Community 19. From their own words: 18 Communities + the glue that holds it together = Coventry Community 19 which is a people driven blog with up to 100 authors. Applications are now open... 

This seems some good news as back on 23 May 2001 that wiK posted: Coventry Bloggers - We want to hear from you..

Here at wiK, we are delighted to be supporting Coventry Community 19 which comes as no surprise as we already work with West Midlands Police, Fire and the Community whenever we can. 

What has changed from the events of last week, is the determination and resolve that Coventry has showed in refraining from disorder. If there was ever a sense of Community then it must be now. We are all aware that writing is difficult for some and time consuming at the best of times. And with that in mind, if each cluster of a community can produce something personal, then when all the parts are viewed from a distance - you will see something it's useful, unique and certainly worhwhile.

This seems to be the driving force behind Coventry Community 19 - talking about your immediate community and sharing. Which bring all the 18 wards together, mixing with the magic element (the glue) and we then have 19 - a recipe that Coventry might just need.

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