Thursday 18 August 2011

Is there a case for local TV in Warwickshire and Coventry?

Courtesy: Maps Ofcom Local TV
A few days ago, Jeremy Hunt, announced 65 areas of potential local TV in the UK:  Jeremy Hunt reveals 65 areas in running for local TV services (Guardian, 9 Aug 2011). 

Coventry wasn't on the list and the only place that did was Stratford Upon Avon. Ofcom came up with some geographic interleaved spectrum (see the FAQs).

This page continues to explain in technical talk: The nature of this spectrum means that not everyone will be able to get local TV delivered through DTT, due to inherent gaps in the spectrum and topographical challenges. Some cities and towns are not well served by GI spectrum and this is unavoidable.

Maybe, it's just easier to see this Local TV coverage map 2011 and zoom in to your local area. That's were the image, top left comes from - and no, a child did not spill some watercolour paint over it. The local TV coverage is shaded. So, if you live in Warwick and Leamington, it's a maybe and Kenilworth a definite no. The Stratford transmitter is located at Lark Stoke (yellow on the map).

There are loads of reports to download at Ofcom about local TV and at DCMS Culture website. finally, there was a seminar in Birmingham today with Jeremy Hunt, here is the twitter link and hashtag: #localtv.

And for those asking about another solution, the Sangat TV model works on mobile phone networks to send the broadcast not transmitters. If anyone knows more locally about this, guest posts always welcome at wiK.

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